ITC making new offers along Macomb Orchard trail
Tuesday, August 21, 2018 at 9:43AM
Clark Hill

New takings are on their way in Macomb County Circuit Court for additional properties along the Macomb Orchard Trail on the Adams Spokane Line.

I have represented many property owners in vegetative management taking cases filed by ITC in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, Lapeer, and Washtenaw counties. I am in the process of representing 25 property owners in the Breckenridge subdivision of Washington Township. In addition, I have been retained by other property owners who are in the process of being condemned.

I have just learned that ITC issued new good faith offers for this line. This is a prelude to ITC initiating new condemnations. Based on past practices, it is likely that these kinds of notions will be filed in September or October.

This blog post discusses issues specific to ITC takings.

It is in the best interest of property owners to retain counsel immediately. I have handled more of these cases than any other attorney in Michigan and handle them on a contingency basis. That means that I do not take an attorney fee unless I obtain an increase in compensation above the good faith offer. Additionally, ITC reimburses the attorney fee and the expert appraisal cost. I cannot identify the amounts that prior cases have settled for because of confidentiality agreements at ITC‘s insistence.

I am already in the process of forming an ownership group with clients in a number of different locations in receipt of good faith offers. If you have been presented by a good faith offer, it is in your best interest to join a group from a mutual defense. Please contact me if you have received such an offer.

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