New Developments on Nixon Wedding Barn Matter
Monday, August 13, 2018 at 10:26AM
Clark Hill

I am representing Nixon Farms in their efforts to continue operating a seasonal event barn in Webster Township, which has resulted in news media coverage. 

I successfully obtained an order from the Washtenaw County Circuit Court reversing a Webster Township Zoning Board of Appeals decision that sought to preclude Nixon Farms from continuing operation of their seasonal event barn, which primarily serves as a venue for weddings. As a result, the Township amended the ordinance. Nixon replied by seeking a referendum to overturn that amendment. Now, the Township is amending their amendment in order to avoid that referendum. MLive has covered this controversy. It recently published an article discussing Webster Township’s the history of this controversy.

I have written several blog posts discussing some of the tools that can be used in such fights. 

This blog post discusses how a resident can challenge adverse zoning amendments by demanding that the change be ratified by a referendum if sufficient signatures can be obtained on a petition. 

This blog post discusses to the extent that an ordinance is ambiguous, it must be interpreted in favor of the property owner. 

Finally, this blog post discusses how a city ordinance cannot give the city powers beyond those delegated to it by its citizens in its charter.

If you have been confronted with any zoning controversies, please feel free to contact me. 

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