Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 11:13AM
Clark Hill

ITC is continuing its program of expanding existing vegetation management rights in Livonia.

ITC is moving its vegetation management program into new territory.  I have represented property owners from whom ITC obtained vegetation management rights in Washtenaw, Oakland, Wayne, Lapeer, and Macomb Counties.  ITC’s prior activities in Wayne County were focused in Brownstown Township, Taylor, Allen Park, and Dearborn.  Now, ITC is training its focus on Livonia.

Many of ITC’s lines have only limited vegetation management rights, often allowing only the trimming of trees to keep lines clear by twelve feet.  ITC seeks to expand those rights to allow clearcutting of all vegetation within 75 or 85 feet of the centerline of its existing transmission lines.  This program is required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which responded to the 2004 black out by imposing greater obligations on electrical transmission companies to prevent vegetation-based power outages.

It is critical the property owners confronted by a request from ITC to obtain an easement retain counsel as early in the process as possible.  ITC is not going away and the best way to protect your rights in through retention of an attorney experienced in these matters.

This blog post discusses issues arising in an ITC taking.  

Please feel free to contact me if ITC is requesting an easement from you.

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