Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 1:02PM
Clark Hill

The United States Department of Transportation has published an interactive national map attempting to identify the levels of aviation and road noise.

Noise from transportation related activities can be a major problem. New highway projects can require noise abatement measures. Aircraft noise, particularly surrounding take off and landings at airports, can render properties unlivable. 

The USDOT has published a map intended to allow “city planners, elected officials, scholars and residents for the first time ever this month gained access to comprehensive aircraft and road noise inventory data that will help them design infrastructure, create policy and conduct research.” The map includes a chart tying various decibel levels to common appliances. For example, common speech occurs between 60 to 69 decibels. I have reviewed studies surrounding airports that view 65 decibels as the key level of noise intrusion that can impact residences.

Obviously, this map cannot be a comprehensive, fully-accurate tool. But by creating this map, the USDOT has highlighted the potential impact that infrastructure projects can have on property value if a noise impact exists.

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