Monday, February 13, 2017 at 4:10PM
Clark Hill

Two more pipeline disasters, this time leaking diesel fuel in Iowa and oil in Texas.

I have noted some of the pipeline disasters that have occurred recently (but not all). Frankly, I cannot keep up with blog posts relating to all the disasters that occur – before I could complete a post about an Iowa spill, I learned about a Texas spill. Past pipeline disasters include fatal explosions in Alabama described in this post and in New Mexico described in this post.

The broken pipeline in Iowa, did not involve any fatalities and appears to have been contained before the leaking diesel fuel reached any water ways. 

In Texas,a bulldozer appears to have breached a new pipeline during a road construction project, causing oil to spew out and requiring evacuations. 

Greater media coverage about pipeline disasters will result in greater sensitivity by potential buyers of property encumbered by pipeline easements, reducing the values of those properties. 

Pipeline easements are serious things. If you are approached by a pipeline company, please feel free to review this blog post and contact me

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