Friday, October 6, 2017 at 5:11PM
Clark Hill

ITC is publicizing its Mercury Transmission Project along Greenfield and Hubbard Roads in Dearborn.

ITC’s website identifies new projects that it is contemplating.  One of those projects is identified as the Mercury Transmission Project.  According to ITC’s website:

The project consists of a new 120,000 volt (120 kV) substation, named Mercury, that will connect to ITC’s existing 120 kV Crestwood-Arctic transmission line via a new half-mile 120 kV underground transmission line. Additionally, ITC will be installing approximately 400 feet of underground line along Greenfield Rd. near the Crestwood Substation, and six miles of optical ground wire (OPGW) on its nearby Crestwood–Mercury, Ranger–Arctic and Arctic–Mercury lines, which will improve the grounding and communication functions.

ITC provides a sketch of the project’s location:

ITC does not indicate whether it is going to require new right of way in order to implement this project.

This blog post identifies issues that people may wish to consider when confronted by an ITC project.

If you have been contacted by ITC about this or any other project, please feel free to contact me.



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